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North London Scaffolding is an expert of supply, erect and dismantle scaffolding for residential and commercial construction sites. We offer competitive rates with great value and quality service to our clients.

Our tailored service can offer you short or long term rentals, working platforms, perimeter/leading edge protection, erection and dismantling.

Our scaffolding is a straightforward tube and fitting system which results in efficient, cost-effective erection.

It allows workers to erect a rigid platform almost anywhere.
The system is designed to simplify your project with minimal investment.

Horizontal and diagonal members can be individually removed and connected by us after the scaffold has been erected. Complimented by innovative accessories such as ladder hatches on working decks and safety gates, as well as various sizes of bridging beams, this system’s ease of use and quick assembly offers significant labour and material savings.

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Scaffolding hire prices can vary a lot depending on the company and your location in the UK. Most companies will charge per day or per week for hiring scaffolding. So to reduce cost it is best to get everything in place to complete the job as fast as possible before getting the scaffolding in place. There will be a charge for delivery, set up and collection. With so many variants the best way to get an estimate for your Scaffolding needs is to fill out our quote form and get the price from a company such as ours that will provide the complete service. As a rough estimate a platform delivered and erected on one side of a house is going to cost approximately £450 to £500 for a week.


Scaffolding has been an integral part of the construction trade for thousands of years. Allegedly even the Great Pyramids of Egypt used an early version of Scaffolding! The post war rebuilding projects of the 1950’s produced a huge market for a more modern and practical type of Scaffolding, which led to the invention of the “Tube and Fitting” type scaffolding commonly seen today as well as other types including CupLok, Haki, Layher and KwikStage. Scaffolding is one of the most important part of the Construction Industry, with many other trades are dependant on Scaffolding to be able to work themselves. British Scaffolding also requires tradesmen to be fully qualified and trained under CITB and CISRS certifications, these qualified Scaffolders are highly sought after for their expertise and experience all over the world.


Under the health and safety guidelines, all employees should be competent for the type of scaffolding work they are undertaking, having received appropriate training relevant to the type and form of scaffolding they are working on. As a minimum each scaffold gang should contain an appropriately qualified scaffolder who has received training under an industry recognised training scheme and has been awarded the scaffolder card. Trainee scaffolders should always work under the direct supervision of a qualified scaffolder. Scaffolders are classed as trainees until they have completed the approved training and assessment required. The erection, alteration and dismantling of complex scaffolding should be done under the direct supervision of a competent person such as a qualified Advanced scaffolder, a design engineer with the necessary industry experience or an individual who has received training under a recognised scheme.


You might need scaffolding for a variety of reasons, whatever the reason it’s essential that you choose a qualified, experienced company to erect the scaffolding safely and in accordance with UK regulations. Scaffolding regulations in the UK exist to reduce falls from height and ensure that those who work on and with scaffolding are qualified. To ensure safety scaffolding companies should provide risk assessments and method statements, erect scaffolding on a firm and level ground, use protective barriers to prevent falls, check that the scaffolding remains secure each week and after severe weather, use hoists to move heavy items and get a licence if they are required to work on a highway or pavement. It’s always a good idea to look for a scaffolding company that’s registered with an established Scaffolding Association in the UK. While this doesn’t ensure quality, these companies often have to pass rigorous checks so are normally reputable.
To help you choose which scaffolding business to hire, always ask for proof of employees training credentials, check they’re insured, ask for references.

We are known within the industry for our prompt, reliable service and our proven track record when it comes to delivering scaffolding services on time and within budget.
We have an unlimited supply of scaffolding, are fully insured, and service all North London area.

Best of all, we quote each job individually, ensuring nothing but the most competitive prices every time.

Scaffolding Services in North London

Do you need Residential Scaffolding in North London ?

Residential Scaffolding

We supply and erect residential scaffolding for builders, tradesmen and owner builders in North London.

Do you need Commercial Scaffolding in North London ?

Commercial Scaffolding

We provide a complete scaffolding service including delivery, pickup, erection and dismantling.

Do you need Tower Scaffholding in North London ?

Scaffolding Towers

Looking for Access Tower Scaffolding? We have a range of Towers with models to suit your building Site.

Do you need Construction Scaffholding in North London ?

Construction Scaffolding

Scaffolding is used as a Construction Tool daily; it can be used on small projects or large construction sites.

Do you need Temporary Roof for Loft Conversion in North London ?

Temporary Roof Scaffolding

We provide Temporary Roofs for Loft Conversions, New Roofs, Roof Repairs or Roof Maintenance.

Do you need Builders Scaffolding in North London ?

Builders Scaffolding

We offer our expert scaffolding services throughout London to Builders and Contractors.

Do you need Roofers Scaffolding in North London ?

Roofers Scaffolding

Providing Scaffolding for Contractors and Builders Cost Effective complete solutions. Call us Today

Need to Hire Scaffolding in North London ?

Scaffolding Hire

Need Scaffolding Rental? We provide fall safety and working platforms in the construction industry.

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